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Artist Statement.......

My goal from the beginning has been to make simple, elegant forms; complete and balanced.  I have enjoyed making a wide range of sculptural and functional work over the years.

Honoring my beginnings in fiber art, weaving began to be integrated back into several forms.  

The construction of the initial clay form is very physical (wedging, throwing, trimming, glazing).  The weaving in the final stage has a calmness and relaxing finality. 

Currently my work is represented in mid-fire stoneware, porcelain and raku clay bodies.  Much of my time is devoted to form and glaze development.  I enjoy the challenge of pushing the clay & expanding my awareness of how ceramics plays a role in day to day life.   

 I attended Lakeland Community College, taking basic ceramics and remained in the lab for several years.  

Over the past 35 years I have also attended various conferences and workshops.  

My studio has remained opened for over 35 years, although the physical structure has sometimes changed. 

Various interests include; gardening, kayaking, hiking and fishing.  In the late 70’s  I worked as an Ohio State Park Ranger.  

Resume available on request.